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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  December 21, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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a private as they were serving in afghanistan. here is more on the latest. >> the china town community came together for the funeral of the private in october. his body was found in a guard tour in afghanistan, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. eight soldiers had charges filed against him. >> he was dragged from his bed. we were told that he had to do the crawls as they threw rocks at the back of his head. >> they think it was a hazing ritual that was racially motivated. he was always fighting allegations that he was not an american. all of the men charged were his
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superiors. >> his mother said that he always wanted to serve his country -- supporters of the family said they are upset that the army has not released the details. they want the full autopsy report when they meet in a few week. the crimes they were charged with are man slaughter and all are assignd from a different base and removed from their duty and under close supervision as they wait on possible military justice. there will be a hearing to see if there will be a court marshall. live in the newsroom on what they are saying about what they did and did not do. >> well, it appears that as a
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tabloid editor, he was not aware of the phone hacking, but a supporter said he had to know and that the voice mailer was an every day activity at the daily mirror and he worked there in the late 90s and said nothing happen at the paper without him knowing about it. he is denying any direct connection to phone hacking. a group of celebrities have been called to testify. the investigation is continuing tonight for the cause of a deadly plane crash on a busy new jersey highway. the pilot reported he had picked up some ice before the plane hit the ground. they removed a large portion of the plane from the trees near the crash site and they will look over that at a warehouse in delaware. there is a call not to
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public all the research or the bird flu because they are afraid it could be used by terrorists in the united states. >> they are looking to withhold the new research on bird flu. the united states government paid to see if it could mutate and be a bigger threat to humans and are concerned what would happen if terrorists got this information. >> it could, if in the wrong hands cause terror. >> a sign that the virus could spread easterly with people. it is not transferred from person to person and it is
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usually deadly. it was found in 1997, about 600 people have gotten it and over half have died. the flu researcher said that it is critical that the research be published entirely. >> we need the information to move science forward. it is important that it is made available to all the scientists that that want to repeat it. >> right now they cooperating and they do want a system to be created to let the scientists see all the cat taw -- data. if an agreement is reached, the papers could be published next month. in the "baltimore sun it is in the morning, four city recreations centers and the debates and a plan to spare a thousand acres from development on the eastern show, for this and more, read the newspaper
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and look for the update from the first morning weather team. the federal government said there are 345 languages spoken in the united states and the 12th most popular is ash bike. and there is more on teaching arabic culture. >> find your name on the folder and you will see it has what you need today. >> it is an after school class that is getting a lot of attention because of the subject matter .
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some arabic language is taught, but their goal is to expose people to the language. >> so far, the kids and parents responded. (inaudible). >> the two schools and the word and the special in the united states is more global community. we have connected and linked all over the world. >> i think it is out standing, our kids getting this opportunity to prepare for beyond school. >> wjz, eyewitness news. the 35,000-dollar cost is paid for with federal money and the future is from meed high school. the president and his best dog stopped at the pet smart in
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northern virginia to get some new chew toys. the president also visited best buy to get a game for nintendo, but said it is for his daughters, not he and his wife. >> who knows, you never know. he might bust a move! more on the the up coming news. video of a couple trapped inside their home and their leap to safety. more on a coach accused of child abuse. we are in for weather, this is the exclusive five-day forecast. >> as christmas is approaching, we are asking for your help to deck the halls.
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. the guilty plea of a coach with a capped sentence. he is one of four men bringing sexual abuse begins fine. he has denied any wrongdoing. a couple had to jump to safety from the second floor. this video is caught on tape. they warned the crew to wait for rescue, but they could not and had to jump. the woman is serious and her husband is suffering leg injuries. prince william and kate are
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lending a helping hand with a special holiday tradition. the royal couple went to a charity close to their heart. >> the duke and dutches stopped by a homeless shelter near london and met with some teens that for the first time in a long time will have a home for the holidays. they supposed -- posed for pictures and talked to teens trying to make a new start and they even took part in a cooking class. kate did most of the work, cutting out cookies and preparing streets -- treats. >> it was a favorite of william's mother. he is trying to help young people in britain get off the streets. the homeless are likely to die 30 years sooner than the average british person. this 29-year-old said he has been homeless for years and said it is the fights and
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stabbings and the murders. >> the future king spending a night on the streets two years back to see what it was like for himself and this year, his new bride will join the cause. their next stop for the holiday will be at the queen's home. she traveled with the groups to have one of the biggest christmas celebrationtroke brakeses in deck indicates. >> the royal tradition usually open presents on christmas eve and then go to church and head back to the palace for a turkey roast. if you are part of the 25% that have not started your shopping, many retailers will stay open around the clock. that is including some toys are us mesa e's and the last-minute gifts are the gift cards and
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that is an easy one, and the dvds. a reminder, cuddle up and listen to the holiday music this holiday season even if you don't have a fireplace. >> there is a yule long that will burn 24 hours per day. listen to the music on the 101 point but point $9, -- 101.9 station and click on the link at the top of the page. >> i'm warming up right here. >> it is too hot! (laughs). a preview of tonight on cbs news. . exhausted airline pilots, your life is in their hands and we will talk about the new rules that are designed to make the skies saver. that is tonight on the cbs evening news. -- here is a lock at the closing numbers on wall street
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and we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,
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. a wet mild start to the
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weekend. that and the holiday weekend -- the mild temperatures, this is at 61. that is where we are now. the temperatures in the mid 40s tomorrow and for tonight and tomorrow, starting with the fog and maybe the rain by the end of the day. the temperatures up to about 60. look for the 53 and 48 on saturday and another chance of showers and 50 on monday with clearing. coming up, the ravens may be the favorites, but are not taking anything for granted with the browns coming to town. more ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. glad to hear that the ravens are taking nothing for granted. missing practice and the field goals in the game, the uncertain status has caused the ravens to sign an insurance policy and have another player read in case that the problems continue. the new player has worn the raven's purple in the past.
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he has kicked for new england and miami and played seven season w's the beaning els -- bengals and could be with the ravens on sunday. they are preparing for the regular home game of the season and the ravens will take on a brown's team they beat seven straight times, including a win three weeks back and the one where ray rice went wild. that said, baltimore does take nothing for granted about this next game. >> i would say he is a brawler. they will come and fight. we expect nothing else. >> they are fierce, an opponent. we have the respect for them and know the type of game it
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will be and we look for ward to showing up. >> the raven's injuries, the line men, missing work with a receiver. it could be eight and o with the browns. the kick off is 7:00 at 1:00 and stay with us when the game is done. live from the stadium with the high lights and reaction from the team. the post game show will continue with marty and jessica at the field house. it is a full day of raven's football. that is on christmas eve saturday. . no playoffs in college football in the big school. they have the bowl games and then in saint peter's burg last night, the action on a sour
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note. a marshall player attacks another player that knocked off the helmet. both teams and the coaching staff continuing in the game. some scuffelinging. marshall won the game 2010. after a long delay because after lock out, the basketball season will kick off. part of the new deal will have the sailer recontracts. looking sharp, a five-year contract with the bulls, the new deal will be worth about $95 million. that is not bad, from rookie of the year, to all star.
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>> a loft receiving. thank you, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. don't miss the prime time line up. stay with us for news at 11:00 -- all the aboard for the unique restaurant in the czech republic. the trains go around each table and they are using them to deliver a drink. if you miss your drink, another one will be coming by. >> you don't have to tip with that! >> moving too fast. (laughs). back at 11:00 tonight. thank you for watching wjz, maryland's news station. more coming up >> pelley: tonight, was an american soldier in afghanistan bullied to death? eight fellow soldiers are charged in connection with the
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death of private danny chen. bob orr is covering. did your pilot get enough sleep? we'll talk to sully sullenberger about new rules to fight cockpit fatigue. cheryl acson on a record settlement with a mortgage lender. the government says 200,000 more thans were ripped off. and christmas comes early for some of the last troops to leave iraq and their families. anna werner is there for the reunions. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. good evening. we begin tonight with another alleged case of death by hazing, but this one is different. it didn't happen at a school but in the united states army in the middle of a war von. eight american soldiers were charged today in the death of a fellow soldier in afghanistan, a chinese american from new


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